If you are looking for fully-funded scholarships and top rank universities in china then your in the right place.

How to study abroad in China for Pakistani or International students 2020. Complete scholarship and how to apply guide.

Rumor has it, that you want to go to China for further studies. Well, it is a wise decision my friend. Let me tell you WHY? See china- Pakistan relations have been closer than ever and are going to get even stronger as we progress. This is why China is offering Pakistani students to come to their universities for further studies and that is not even the best part. It is offering you

◙ Admissions in top notch universities.
◙ Scholarships.
◙ A recognized degree.
◙ Quality education.
◙ Hostel fee concession programs (in most cases no fee required at all).
◙ No extreme visa issues.

What programs does China’s universities offer

China can offer many programs such as MBBS,B.S, B.A, M.Phil and last but not least P.H.D. The degrees are offered in various sciences and arts. China’s universities are known worldwide for their innovation and quality education. It has proven itself so much so that it’s Tsinghua University bested the famous American MIT in world ranking.

Would I have any language issues in China

No, as the institutions that advisor47 is going to pick and suggest to you are going to be of international ranking with international student body. So, as long as you can speak English fluent there will be no problem. These universities have a student body that just like you don’t know mandarin and dorm rooms are assigned according to your ease. So, there is nothing for you to worry about.

our team

Uzair Ali


The founder of this system is affiliated with top-rank universities of china and send several students every year from Pakistan to China for their better career and provide scholarships program to different students according to their academic Criteria.

Hamza Saeed


The contractor of this system. He is doing MBBS (4th year) in Jiangxi University of traditional Chinese medicine one of the top rank universities of medicine in china and he signed many contracts with top rank universities to provide all facilities to Pakistani students.

Shakeel Qasim

Legal Advisor

He is the legal advisor who guides every student and collects the best affordable packages from different universities also guide every student what type of environment you face in china and what types of facilities you get. He is also doing MBBS from China.

Bachelors and MBBS program

For bachelors, we have a number of top-rank universities that offer fully-funded scholarships.

For MBBS we have top rank universities that offer affordable packages and full English medium study.

MS , Mphill and Phd

For Master, M Phil, and Ph.D. we have the best universities that offer fully-funded scholarships and stipend round about 3000-4000 ¥ (450-600$) with a free allowance.

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